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  • Abyss
  • Behemoth
  • Colossal
  • Titan
  • Hometown



18 IR files – 6 Rhythm Guitar, 6 Bass Guitar, 6 Nuclear Bass DI


    Apex Matched IRs Pack is a collection of paired guitar and bass impulse responses brought to you by Apex Audio.

    These packs feature mixed IRs specifically developed to make it easy to find amazing guitar and bass tones that will work together in your mix. No more guesswork on trying to match a bass tone to your guitar tone or vice versa.

    With Apex Matched IRs, all the hard work finding guitar and bass tones that will work together is done. I’ve found the best combinations, matched the guitar and bass together, and tested them in the mix, giving you the ability to quickly click and choose the perfect tone pair for your mix.

    These impulse responses are also great to blend together in order to create more tones choices for your recordings.



    Apex Matched IRs include 18 IR .wav files to choose from – 6 Rhythm Guitar, 6 Bass Guitar, 6 Nuclear Bass DI

    IR .wav files can be loaded directly into most IR loading VST in your DAW

    Mixed IR Applications – IR Pack includes files for tones in 6 different styles

    • Monolith   FFO:   Prog, Metalcore, Djent
    • Abyss   FFO:   Deathcore
    • Behemoth   FFO:   Metalcore, Djent
    • Colossal   FFO:   Deathcore, Djent
    • Titan   FFO:   Metalcore
    • Hometown   FFO:   Pop Punk



    This is a Digital Download Product, you will need:

    • DAW that can support and host an IR loading VST
    • Windows or Mac OSX operating system

    IRs are .wav files that are sampled to 44.1kHz, 24-bit

    Created, Mixed, and Processed by Kyle Prusky at Apex Audio in Western Canada.


"I recently purchased Quad Cortex Guitar Arsenal. The captures sound really brutal, but retain the note definition.
I especially like the MC, DC and HM series."

Johnathan H.

"Great sounding Kemper profiles! The low end is very tight which has been a big struggle with most other Kemper profiles I have. Truly the most mix-ready I have used."

Sean D.

This dudes presets are sick, and a fantastic price! He also personally follows up through email to make sure you’re happy with the purchase, AND offers a free profile just for purchasing. I highly recommend!!

Bill Z.

I bought the complete guitar pack for Quad Cortex and it is great! I definitely recommend it.

Bobby C.

I purchased the Guitar Arsenal pack and it was the best decision I've made since I began trying to find the best tones for guitar covers, and writing things as well. It has completely expedited the often tumultuous process of tweaking and experimenting for hours to find a fitting tone for the project I'm working on. If you love playing guitar and want a myriad of tones for an absurdly good price to either work off of or just aren't a big fan of tone hunting, I couldn't recommend anything other than Apex Audio.

David M.

Love the presets and midi packs. The matched combos  of both bass and guitar is so sweet. DC & MC are crushing tones. The midi packs are broken down like nothing else out there.

Dale R.

Got the guitar arsenal for Kemper containing 35 super crisp profiles. If you're looking for clarity on your downtuned guitar (or any guitar, for that matter), this is definitely worth checking out.

Morton M.

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